What’s Better than Waxing?

About ten years ago, I threw out all Vivente’s strip wax pots and upgraded to Alexandra Professional Body Sugaring. We were one of the first salons in Australia to offer this skin conditioning hair removal system. Once you compare your waxing results with sugaring, you’ll understand why we made the dramatic change.

You won’t believe how smooth and silky your skin is, right from the very first session. Your hair regrowth takes longer to return with sugaring = longer lasting results. With surprisingly few regular visits, the hair will start to grow back more evenly and you don’t have to wait for hair to be long in length to have your sugaring done again.

Removal discomfort is significantly less than with waxing (after the initial session) and it’s safe on skin that suffers with eczema or psoriasis. There is zero risk of burning because the working temperature is much lower than wax – even the sugar pots stay at a much lower working temperature.

Natural ingredients with no colour or fragrance means safe on even the most sensitive of skins. It is literally lemon, sugar and water!

And best of all – ingrown hairs get less and less with each session and eventually can be totally eliminated. If you’re fed up with crazy red, sore lumps and rashes in your bikini area, you simply must experience the L.A. Bikini (Once you experience one, you’ll never go Brazilian again, we promise.)

Our body sugaring devotees come from near and far and they get totally hooked from the very first treatment because they can see and feel the immediate change in their skin and are astounded with how much more slowly the hair grows back.

Why L.A, I hear you ask? Lina Kennedy, the Canadian expert behind the Alexandria Professional Sugaring Technique and brand, now resides in Los Angeles. Because the ‘all off’ needed to differentiate from the very well known ‘Brazilian’ term, the new name settled on is the L.A

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