Serious Skin Solutions

You can choose a pampering option or address more serious skin concerns with most of our facials. We'll personalise just for you.

Skin Starter Package

The perfect first time facial visit to Vivente. Discover what makes your skin 'tick' plus experience a customised LED light rejuvenation session and receive detailed home care recommendations and a treatment plan for in salon sessions to kick start your journey to a healthier skin


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Skin Digital Scan & Plan

There are two skin specific digital cameras in store to allow us to analyse your skin like you’ve never seen before! Super magnification leaves no condition to guesswork. Once we find out some lifestyle choices and delve into your current home regime we can customise a skin prescription, home skin plan and suggest salon treatments for you to achieve optimum results ASAP.


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LED is a non thermal light energisation that kick starts your skin cells to perform the way they’re supposed to do! Different colours are different wave lengths that reach different levels of the your skin layers.

LED Add -On 20min $35
LED Rejuvenation 40min $50

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The Signature Facial

Three levels of cleansing plus enzymatic exfoliation and light extractions gives you the cleanest, freshest skin. Followed by aromatic compresses, serum and mask to soothe and hydrate, this treatment has all the basics and you'll feel thoroughly relaxed.


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The Treatment Facial

It's a little more serious! It will include some skin resurfacing or collagen masks depending on your skin goals. This treatment will take your skin to a new level with results you can see and feel. Your skin will be glowing.


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The Advanced Facial

We will use more high tech (yet non-invasive) machinery for anti-aging like BEEP (electroporation) which deeply infuses patented serums past the epidermal barrier. We finish with Alginate or Sheet Masks that trap all the goodies inside your skin’s layers.

If you struggle with dehydration, this treatment gives you instant relief!



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The MediLift Treatment

The MediLift Shibata Treatment is a skin re-texturising treatment that induces collagen production naturally for instantly plumper and smoother skin. It’s the next generation of skin needling with zero downtime!


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The Ultimate Facial Treatment

The treatment you need to achieve maximum results. Fights dehydration, sensitivity, inflammation & free radical damage - all the main causes of accelerated ageing. This treatment stimulates collagen renewal, plumps fine lines with lasting results of freshness and smoothness. It’s the WOW facial!


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Skin Micro-Needling Treatment

Intense Skin Needling (pen) stimulates collagen production. Highly recommended for scarring and skin ‘pitting’. Perfect for skin showing signs of aging and wanting to dramatically improve texture. We use ProCell growth factors for optimizing results.

Also assists in minimizing fresh stretch marks that still have some blood flow (they are pink, not white) Please note there is some downtime with this treatment - 24 hours of red marks followed by skin shedding at about day 3 - 5, depending on your healing recovery.


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A gentle skin peel treatment with no downtime. Best results are with a short series of in-salon treatments. We can customise peel sessions with other skin ranges on hand at Vivente, depending upon your skin condition at the time. We specialise in peels that are effective but gentle. Available for a single session or package deals (3)

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Lux Extras

Foot Massage $25
Hand & Arm Massage $20
Scalp Massage $25
Wow! Mask Add On $35
LED Add -On 20min $45
Nose sugaring for blackhead removal $22
Targeted Collagen Induction ( Add On) $35

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Meder Swiss Advanced

Meder Swiss Advanced - Acne


A gentle prebiotic therapy for mild to severe acne, oily or problematic skin. Unique prebiotics provide nourishment for the skin’s eco-flora while being toxic to pathogenic bacteria. Gives instant relief to angry, inflamed skin and settles bumps and blotches without flakiness. Comfortable pain free therapy. Safe to have all year round with no risk of hyperpigmentation. Best results in a series of five sessions undertaken weekly. Make sure you get “Before & Afters!”

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Meder Hydra-Fill Treatment (extreme hydration)

Your instant skin glow and comfort for very dehydrated skin. Perfect for before an important event for rejuvenation and advanced skin plumping. Repairs skin after laser treatment, chemical peel, frequent air travel or anyone who wants to look their best. Restores moisture levels in the deepest layers of your skin.

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Meder Anti-Aging Arma-Lift Treatment

Stem cell technology reduces wrinkles while epidermal growth factors accelerate skin regeneration. Wrinkles are visibly reduced, skin is instantly fresh and rested looking. It’s the perfect “Mother-of-The Bride" preparation! Our most requested Meder Treatment.

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Meder Rosacea Treatment

A purely natural skin treatment with prebiotics. Reduces chronic redness, sensitivity as well as settling acne rosacea subtypes 1 & 2 ( redness, bumps & pimples) Instant comfort after treatment but best in a series of five sessions with recommended home care.

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Meder Wrinkle Immobilizing Myo-Fix

The world’s first non-injection treatment for the correction of expression wrinkles and lines. No pain, no risk, no needles and no side effects. Long lasting results when continuing home care prescriptives. (if you have had Botox, try this instead when the wrinkles begin to move again) Best in a series of five sessions. Ask about the Myo-Fix Concentrate to get started straight away!

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Eye Essentials

Eyebrows are our obsession. Nothing can help you look more younger and fresher immediately than an Eyebrow Designed perfectly for you.

Eyebrow Design

Brow Tint

Brow Henna

Lash Tint

Lash & Brow Tint

Brow 'The Work's'

The Works  include Brow Design & Colour plus Eyelash Tint - our most requested service.


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Brow Reconstruction Consultation

Includes a henna colour to experience the darker brow temporarily, brow shape consultation and ink allergy test patch. And all your questions answered (Request our information document)


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Semi Permanent Brow Feathering

Total reconstruction of your brows with feathertouch microblades. Beautiful natural finish lasting a year or more. Not available via online booking - please book for a feathering consultation first


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Face Grooming

Lip Wax or Sugar

Lip & Chin Sugar Combo

Sides of face Sugaring

Full Face Sugaring

Cold Peltier

A cold device to calm redness and minimise sweat pimple breakouts, especially after face sugaring.

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Body Sugaring

For a seriously smoother, softer hair free solution. FREE Body Sugaring eBook

L.A. (aka Brazilian)

Our Specialty! See less ingrown hairs at every visit and experience your softest skin ever.

FREE Body Sugaring eBook


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Even your skin will get less pigmented.

FREE Body Sugaring eBook


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No breakage, no rough 'chicken skin' feel

Full Leg and Brazilian (L.A) $147

Full Leg and Bikini $117

Full legs $97

Lower Leg Sugaring $69

3/4 Leg $79

Upper Thigh with LA (Brazilian) $97

Upper Thigh and Bikini $87

Upper Thigh without bikini $77

FREE Body Sugaring eBook

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Other areas

Bikini (Regular, G-String or High) $49

XXX High G String $60

Forearm Sugaring $47

Full Arm Sugaring $55

Full Stomach $37

Back Sugar (whole) $70

Toes and top of feet $17

Around Nipples $15

FREE Body Sugaring eBook

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Body & Beauty Treatments

Discover our relaxing body treatments that rejuvenate and refresh, take the time to give back to yourself.

Body Treatments

Full Body Massage $130

Back Massage $60

Back Scrub and Masque $75

*Shower available

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Basic Pedicure $87

Pedi Summer Spa Upgrade $27

Pedi Winter Spa Upgrade $30

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Vivente Packages

Vivente Specialties

All our most popular requests in one visit!

Includes a Lower Leg Sugaring, Eyebrow Design and Signature Facial with a bonus of your choice of a Free brow tint OR Lip Sugar.


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BE Synergised Treatment

It’s a top to toe escape!

Your Signature Facial becomes next level luxurious with a bonus Foot and Scalp massage.


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Mini Escape

Your escape begins with a relaxation Back Massage (20 min) Choose either to have your toes or fingernails freshened up with long lasting Vinylux hybrid nail varnish and then feel nurtured with the Signature Facial (45 mins of bliss) It’s the perfect pick me up.


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