The Benefits of Sugaring

# You won’t believe how smooth and silky your skin will feel from the very first treatment. 

# Absolutely no stubble – we will be able to show you the entire root bulb, shaft and surrounding tissue!

# You’ll notice slower regrowth from even the first session (in comparison to waxing) Simply longer lasting results!

# Hairs grow back more evenly when you choose a regular time span between sessions

# You don’t have to wait for hair to be extra long to have a sugaring session (1.5 cm is good to do)

# Removal discomfort is significantly reduced in comparison with waxing

# Ingrown hairs get less and less – to be eventually eliminated!

# Natural ingredients with no colour, no fragrance, no petroleum means it is safe on the most sensitive of skins. Even eczema and psoriasis sufferers are amazed at how calm their skin is after a session.

# Safe on eczema, psoriasis, dry, itchy, and varicose veins.

# Leaves no sticky residue because it’s totally water soluble

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