Medi Lift treatments

The MediLift Treatment offers your skin a high intensity ‘workout’. It combines complimentary techniques using patented German technology. 

We call it ‘The Next Generation to skin needling’. In comparison to needling, the MediLift gives the similar results in half the time and half the cost! (and half the discomfort!)

There is zero downtime as it is much less aggressive than needling. 

Every step of the treatment is non-aggressive with no lasting inflammation or skin trauma. It is a modern approach to achieving optimal skin condition. After a session, your skin feels ‘alive and fresh’. Results at skin smoothing and vibrancy are seen and felt  immediately.

It provides:

✔ A  firming effect

✔ Re-Texturize uneven skin (improve scarring)

✔An hydration boost

✔ Plumping and firming effect

✔ Amplified delivery of peptides deep in the skin

✔ Activates natural collagen and elastin

This MediLift Treatment system has been developed to achieve a fast result WITHOUT sending your skin into a state of undesirable wound repair.

The Treatment has been tested both in Germany and Spain. It’s been around for more than ten years and we love it so much here at Vivente that we have two machines! 

It is our number one go to for anti-aging treatments.

The MediLift is also successful at lessening acne scars and pitting. It acts almost like a computer reboot for the skin.

You can try a MediLift Treatment as a single session or we also offer Package deals that include digital skin diagnosis and LED add-ons.

So if your skin is feeling tired or looking dull, this is a must have injection alternative.

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