LED Skin Therapy

As far back as 1500 BC, science has documented the extraordinary effects of using light as part of optimal health. 

But it wasn’t until 1903 when Danish physician, Dr.Niels Finsen won a Nobel Prize for health success with LED therapy that it began to get the attention it truly deserved. 

NASA uses LED to treat muscle and bone atrophy in their astronauts. They first experimented with growing plants in space with light and then applied the same science to do studies on the effect on human cells after noting the great success with the plant cells.

The SLLED Machine (LED=Light Emitting Diodes) has panels of light and the different colours have varying wavelengths that act specifically at different layers of the skin. In fact, it was NASA’s research that uncovered the LED anti-aging discovery.

But just what makes those different coloured lights so special, you ask?

RED LED is widely used to stimulate collagen fibroblasts, treat prematurely aged, sun damaged or sagging skin. The result is improved elasticity, suppleness and flexibility of the skin and underlying tissue by increasing the circulation (without inducing heat) Studies have shown that collagen production can be increased by 200% in the first 24 hours after a treatment with Red LED.

Blue LED destroys the p.acne bacteria, one of the contributing causes of acne (and the reason acne remains resistant to successful long term results) Blue light is best for for stubborn and severe acne but it also reduces oil production in the skin.

Green Light is excellent for treating sunburns, reducing redness and skin conditions such as eczema and Rosacea.

Yellow Light stimulates tyrosinase inhibitors – an essential strategy to reduce the stimulation of pigmentation, the brown blotchy patches that cause uneven skin tone.

This non-invasive, non thermal yet highly effective light therapy acts as a natural anti-inflammatory for the skin which results in building more healthy collagen and elastin.

The light bathes your skin cells in the right energy that kick starts the cells to do the job they are supposed to do. And it builds it fast 150-200 faster%!!

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