Give Your Skin A Workout Now!

Give Your Skin A Workout Now!

The cooler months are the right time of year to to prep your skin for more targeted resurfacing treatments.

More intensive resurfacing treatments help make your skin feel smoother and look fresher, more vibrant. But it’s important to not dive too deep, too soon. It can be like hitting the gym hard core instead of attending a few beginner’s sessions first.

By using active products containing ingredients like retinol palmitate or mild lactic acids in your home care prior to mild resurfacing treatments for even a few weeks will help to strengthen and prepare your skin to ensure a much more effective result when you do experience an in-salon treatment. We need your skin to be in a healthy state with it’s barrier function intact before performing something stronger in salon. This will minimize breakouts and actual skin peeling. Make sure you ask at your next visit how to upgrade your home skin prep.

Salon resurfacing treatments have been shown to improve unsightly brown patches, congestion, fine lines and just perk up dull looking skins. 

You’ll also notice that your home care products will spread further and seem to work better! This will get the most out of your products that you use every day to help maintain your results between treatments more effectively. That ‘just after a facial’ feeling will stay around even longer.

In cooler weather, skin can become dry, dull and flaky – So what better way to maintain your summer glow than with an ultra hydrating resurfacing treatment?

Your Vivente Skin Therapist can select the best treatment that will give you the results you want.

Resurfacing Treatments are also great preparations for special occasions, to get that hydrated glow so your make-up just glides on (instead of accentuating every fine line!)  Sometimes, you won’t even need make-up because your skin will look so good!

Remember, we offer both a full face face and targeted area digital analysis cameras to leave no surprises in your skin treatments (and results).

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