Being Kind to Yourself

How do you manage your stress? What do you do to ‘recharge your battery’ or ‘fill your cup’? Lots of studies are at hand showing that if you don’t look after yourself first, you cannot give to others. You’ll be short tempered with kids, feeling overwhelmed at work and generally not a very pleasant person to be around.

Learning to say no to prevent over committing your time for others and not cramming too much into your day are the first tips. Quiet time to breathe and stretch will help you think straight. Try to allow extra time to get places – who needs a speeding ticket, right!?

If you really want to de-stress then some regular ‘me time’ is absolutely crucial. Sometimes you simply can’t do that at home. Sitting quietly and looking around can lead to thinking of what else you should be doing Instead of wasting time. If you’re the sort of person who feels guilty not doing household chores, then make an appointment at your favourite salon to make you actually leave the house. 

At Vivente, we love caring for guests who make their sessions with us as part of their stress management programme. When you’re relaxing on a treatment bed having a facial or massage or even a pedicure you can truly recharge and escape the hectic life even for just a short time. You’ll feel special and cared for.

Take your self care to whole new level by having a package of treatments. Vivente’s recommendation is the BE Synergised Package. Your journey begins with a Hand and Foot Scrub infused with peppermint. Followed by our pampering Signature Facial that feels like forty five minutes of massage. You will still get all the benefits of active ingredients too. Then to take your treatment from top to toe literally, we finish with a Foot and Scalp Massage. How can you deny yourself?

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