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Small team boasting 80 years experience.
Better than a Brazilian!
Are You Ready for some WoW ! Results?
Tired of Looking Tired?
Use Science Not Guesswork!


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Kim's Blog

Small team boasting 80 years experience.

80 years of Beauty knowhow is now open in Keperra.
With ever increasing demand for Vivente’s specialist beauty therapy treatments, Vivente has expanded services to a second location in Crampton Street, Keppera.  

It has taken six months of relentless searching to formulate the experienced team at Vivente said Kim, owner of Vivente for 24 years: “I needed to find ‘the best’ to enable expansion to the second location and I’m very pleased with the team that has come together. 
It’s exciting and reassuring to know that customers will benefit from a collective of 80 years experience of delivering beauty treatments that will give fabulous results. I went for experience rather than new graduates for the roles.” Sadly, she says,” Too many new therapists are not ready for the level of services Vivente offers. 
Vivente customers expect well developed skills and a high level understanding of their needs.”
The new Keperra location of Vivente has been quietly open two mornings a week while the intensive search went on (and on). It's now ready and open 6 days a week because a great team has been secured. Kim has been sharing her 35 years knowledge with the new team.
Vivente at Keppera salon boasts three Senior Therapists, Dawn, Ailie and Ana.

Dawn has previously owned two award winning salons in Newcastle. With 20 years experience of understanding client’s needs, she is determined to get serious results for Vivente clients. 

Her specialty is advanced facials and she is in love with the high tech equipment that Vivente has on hand (you need to check our the website in more detail.

And Ailie actually worked in the original Vivente salon 16 years ago! 

Since then, she has traveled the world extensively, worked at other salons and even owned her own luxury Day Spa. 

Kim says “It's such a privilege to have Ailie back on the Vivente team - You’ll love her attention to detail and exceptional customer care.”

Ana, while mainly based at the Grange salon will helping out at Keperra too. 

Ana completed her first Beauty Therapy course in Colombia 9 years ago and repeated her qualifications here in Australia. That’s true passion!

She adores doing massage and clients love her caring touch. Ana has taken up the new Body Sugaring with gusto because she has seen the super smooth clients won’t get with waxing.

Body Sugaring is the gentle hair removal technique that Vivente introduced five years ago as a superior alternative to waxing. We use the 'paste' method from Alexandria Professional and all our team undergo Certification Training.
Vivente’s specialties are Body Sugaring, Amazing Eyebrow transformations and Advanced Facials that deliver results without aggression or downtime. We can even prove it with digital diagnosis (always available at our Grange location and 'on loan' to Keperra for ongoing promo days)

There’s easy online booking too from either our website 
or find Vivente on facebook by searching viventeskincare  (Grange) or viventekeperra (Keperra)


Better than a Brazilian!

Now there is a much better way to do a Brazilian Wax.

Are you are fed up with ingrown hairs? Do you suffer crazy red, sore lumps and rashes?

When you're ready for softer smoother skin that doesn't look abused,
you simply must experience the  'L.A.'  Body Sugaring.

Why LA?, I hear you ask.

Lina Kennedy, the Canadian woman behind the Alexandria Body Sugaring Technique and brand, now resides in LA. It is also where the AP head office is too. Because the "all off" needed to differentiate from the well known 'Brazilian' term, the new name settled upon became the LA.

And once you experience one, you will never go Brazil again, we promise.

Our body sugaring devotees come from near and far and they get hookedfrom the very first treatment because they can see and feel the immediate change in their skin and are astounded with how slowly the hair grows back.

                                                                                                                                                                                       When you are ready to experience Body Sugaring for yourself,
go to to book online or telephone 07 3356 5959
(we are in the Grange, Queensland)

Are You Ready for some WoW ! Results?

We love WoW results at Vivente!

New to the shores of Australia, is the MediLift Treatment by Dermia Solutions.

This is a multi-'layering' treatment which has no downtime. That means you won't be embarrassed about skin looking red or raw post treatment.

The device has three attachments for achieving a gentle approach to dramatic results (our favourite type of anti-aging treatments at Vivente). 100% results in Half the Time!

A very mild fruit acid begins your treatment, followed by a macro-dermabrasion attachment than gently smoothes the skin surface and refines the pores. 
Then the next attachment activates all the skin's own repair systems and assists with deep penetration of hyraluronic acid (similar to the skin's own 'moisture') This step also assists the body to repair it's own collagen and elastin - which means plumping up wrinkles and regenerating skin. 
Then as an comfortable alternative to injections, we can target deeper lines with the next attachment which is perfect for spot treatment using Argireline (an active ingredient that provides lift). 

All the attachments are totally disposable so they are sterile just for you. The device attachments are made from a patented polymer (plastic!)

So if you have been nervous about trying needling (or CIT - collagen Induction Therapy) this is the perfect treatment to start your ant-aging campaign. 
The sessions are quick enough to have done in your lunch break and recovery time is super-fast - some tinted sunblock will have you feeling confidant and ready to get back to work!

To complete your anti aging regime, 
we highly recommend you add on 
the back of your hands in your facial treatment.

Your hands will often be the give away to true age, they are so susceptible to dryness, 
lines age spots and sun damage. 

Tired of Looking Tired?

Are you tired of looking tired?
Does your skin look and feel sluggish?
Have you got dark patches of uneven skin colour annoying you?

Be one of the first in Australia to experience the next generation of
Skin Resurfacing 

Vivente will (soon) be offering the safest and most effective skin resurfacing treatments ever available. You will experience an instant 'glow' and smoothness like you have never felt before! The results are visible from the very first session.
We will be offering targeted solutions for both aging and pigmentation.

There is no downtime, you may however experience a little flaking after a few days. We take extra precautions to prepare your skin prior to progressively treat your skin within your individual tolerance levels to achieve optimum results.

The action of controlled skin resurfacing is totally different to conventional skin peeling. 
Skin Peels cause skin exfoliation, whereas this advanced skin resurfacing actively provokes an accelerated form of cell renewal whilst trauma and irritation is actually REDUCED. This action is achieved via a unique bio-availability delivery complex (PH-DVC TM. 
PH Formula is the first salon only product line to uniquely combine Alpha Keto, Alpha Hydroxy, Alpha Beta, and Poly Hydroxy Acids with the enhanced feature of the PH DVC. Oxygen is carried to the deeper layers which enhances deep healing.

It means beautiful results from 'outside in' and 'inside out' using maximum strength of actives without negative side effects normally seen with conventional peels! 

Contact Vivente on 07 3356 59 59  
We will add you to our VIP list of those wanting to be the first to experience THE Advanced Resurfacing Concept

Use Science Not Guesswork!

Vivente is FIRST again! 
We are the first skin salon in Queensland to offer the SKINDNA test. What is it?
A simply saliva sample is taken in salon, then sent away for a detailed report to measure your unique genetic markers that determine the specific areas you need to monitor to preventing future accelerated aging.

SkinDNA is a revolutionary DNA laboratory test that examines 16 genetic markers (unique to just you) in 5 categories associated with skin aging. Your DNA results are used to create a personalized report that allows you to discover the right skin care ingredients and nutritional supplements determined from your own genetic blueprint.

The five categories covered are Wrinkling, Elasticity, Free Radical Damage, Pigmentation and Inflammation.

We have found some surprising results - It is not always what you think! The best part is -  the test is a one off. It doesn't matter if you are aged fifteen or fifty, your DNA results will be exactly the same! So take the mystery out of wondering which products are going to be the best for you. Let science show you the answers.

At Vivente, we believe it is essential to see what is going on NOW as well as what the future holds, so we include Digital Skin Diagnosis with your first visit. At your follow up visit (included in the one price) we explain your report and look at your present skin care to show you which ones will make the perfect home care regime.
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