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Vivente Pedicures
Four levels of exfoliation mean you will have the softest feet possible. Our most popular Nail Services are  pedicures with Vinylux™ (wait ten minutes and you can put on closed in shoes - no extra charge)
We have upgraded from Shellac™  to  Colour Gloss™  for  manicures. More natural looking and long lasting application (up to two weeks)
You can choose to recline on our facial couches with your feet up and eye pads on while you have a manicure with us!
Colour Gloss™ is the newest hybrid long lasting nail varnish for hands that lasts up to two weeks, dries before leaving the salon and you won't believe the mirror finish! Perfect for weddings & holidays.  
pedi spa bamboo massage upgrade
+ 20
foot peel upgrade
+ 10
mani spa upgrade
+ 15
colour gloss (better than Shellac!) application
Please note: Your health and safety is our priority. All towels used in our nail services are single use and professionally laundered, our pedi bowls use a disposable insert and our metal implements are autoclaved sterilized.
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