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Brow Reconstruction with the controlled (microblading) feathertouch technique is not suitable while under going chemotherapy or having medications that thin blood such as warfrin.

Eyebrow Wigs are the alternative!

With their easy application (we can teach you how - or there are instructional videos on Youtube) they can last up to 3 months. They can be worn 7 days in a row but will last the full time if removed  (with special adhesive remover) every three days prior to bedtime.
They can get wet, although it's not recommended to do too often. These brows  look very natural and will instantly give you a confidence lift!

Colours available :blonde, light brown or medium brown for a very natural look.

full kit & application lesson $125  in store or order here using PayPal  and check out the application tips on youtube.

Eyebrow Wigs, Blonde
Wig, Adhesive & Remover
Price: $125.00
Eyebrow Wigs, Light Brown
Wig, Adhesive & Remover
Price: $125.00
Eyebrow Wigs, Medium Brown
Wig,Adhesive & Remover
Price: $125.00
Do you know someone who is undergoing Chemotherapy or suffers alopecia? Stress, hormone imbalance and some medications may result in eyebrow loss.
Replacing eyebrows gives an instant lift and confidence again.

Don't want to fiddle about with brow wigs? 
Then Brow Extensions are for you!

Final Touch Logobrow extentionsWith a range of colours of individual hairs that are simply glued on (just like eyelash extensions) and easy to maintain (you will need to come into salon every two weeks for an in-fill). Final Touch has developed a specialized glue safe enough for a heart surgeon to work with!

First Visit   75 (includes colour and re-shaping)
In-fills        50
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