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16319799-spa-series-beautiful-young-woman-getting-massageThe Signature Facial Treatment is the starting point of your customised skin treatment.

After diagnosis using Chinese Face Reading Techniques with a lit magnifier or ASAP (our computerised camera to determine skin concerns and select appropriate professional skin products, your skin is thrice cleansed and exfoliated and massaged. You will feel scrupulously clean and fresh. Soothing aromatic compresses are applied after light extraction to remove debris. A masque application and a décolletage massage will leave you relaxed and ready to face another day!
Your Signature Facial Treatment can be customised with specific add-ons such as hydroxy acids,professional comedone extraction,disincrustation. Don't know what those treatments are? We're here to help you decide. Let us know what your skin goals are and we will recommend the best course of action.
Do you simply want a longer time-out with extra treats? Then choose an eye performance treatment, specialised massage techniques, scalp neck & upper arm massage, décolleté nourishing pack, specialized intense masques or hand & foot exfoliation.  
eye performance treatment
collagen to plump fine lines
algae eye pads
for dry skin & puffy eyes
foot massage
feel good from top to toe
scalp massage
hard to stay awake...
scalp, neck and upper arm massage
relieve stress from shoulders
extensive comedone extraction
for blackhead sufferers
fruit hydroxy acid 
more intensive exfoliation
intense décolletage treatment
for sun damaged chests
hand and foot exfoliation
silky smooth hands & feet
hyaluronic repair system
to instantly relieve dry damaged skin
The Treatment Facial is a little more serious. It will include microdermabrasion, light peels or collagen face masks - depending upon your skin's needs.This treatment will take your skin to new levels of results you can see and feel immediately. Your skin will be the softest and smoothest ever! Your Vivente Skin Therapist will assess your skin needs on the day and tailor the most efficient treatment on the day for you.                                               115

Some extra options available include: Collagen (firming and plumping), Alginate (cooling, rehydrating and soothing), Paraffin or Thermal Clay (warming and stimulating), or Vit C & Hyaluronic Acid (intensely rehydrating and anti-aging)                                                                                                                                                          20 - 35 extra

The Advanced Facial   uses high tech, non invasive equipment for deep infusion of patented serums. This treatment will wake up tired underactive skin without heat or stress. Your skin will feel instantly cool, hydrated and calm.

BEEP !! The Solution for Dry, Prematurely Damaged Skin
Using major scientific discoveries acknowledged with the research from 2003 and 2009 Nobel prize awards, the newest delivery system via the formation of aquaporins, is electroporation. For the first time, we can deliver patented organic serums to the dermal layer of the skin with no heat or stress generated on the skin. We can now repair your skin at a dermal level. We can also combine a burst of SSLED rejuvenation as part of this advanced treatment for intense results. Ask for the free 6 page report on electroporation.
Best results are in a course of treatments. 

please note: Until our second machine arrives (it's been on back order for a few months) This treatment will only be available at our Grange location. Our apologies, we hope you can be patient.

MEDI-LIFT with Dermia Solutions

A 'Layering' advanced treatment with no down time. Using a special devise to perform a macro-dermabrasion, then a polymer 'needling' devise, followed with a super fine targeted pen to treat deeper lines with hyraluronic acid and a firming mask. If you have been nervous to try needling/ CIT (collagen induction therapy) than this is the perfect salon treatment to get 100% results in half the time! (and much less discomfort)

dermia wrinkledermia.medilift


Make your MediLIft Session power packed! Add your hands to this anti aging treatment for only 25 extra.

light-therapySkin Rejuvenation using the Power of Light
NASA first discovered the power of light treatment when they were experimenting with growing plants in space. It was also used to speed recovery time of the astronauts. Premature babies have benefited from light therapy for many years.
Studies have proven that light treatment stimulates collagen production by as much as 200% in the first 24 hours of treatment! Depending on the colour selected (our SSLED has seven options - not 4 like the next leading brand available), results can be targeted to improve elasticity, scarring, redness, sagging skin, rosacea, pigmentation and a whole lot more!
Best done as a short course and followed with booster treatments.  
                                                                                                                                      90 (stand alone treatment)
What is Microdermabrasion ?  =  Serious Skin Smoothing!
Microdermabrasion is a popular machine assisted skin exfoliation treatment. It is low risk, quick and painless. It is a non-invasive resurfacer that uses mild abrasion and suction. There is no down time between treatments. Our machine uses minute diamond studded tips to abrade the skin surface. Micro can help improve the appearance of fine lines, early sun damage and shallow acne scarring. This service is by consultation only.
Request your free 5 page report to find out more.                                                  
THE Ultimate Facial Treatment
The treatment you need to achieve maximum results. Fight dehydration, sensitivity, inflammation & free radical damage - all the main causes of aging. It stimulates collagen production,re-energizes, plumps fine lines with lasting results of freshness and smoothness. It's the WOW! Facial.
All our top guns - photo light therapy, electroporation, algae lip and eye pads packed into one 90 minute luscious treatment                                                                                                                                                        250.
Your Solution to Problematic, Patchy Skin
Two new polymeric peeling systems (from Nimue) target Rejuvenation, Pigmentation and Problematic skin conditions. These active polymeric peels have encapsulated ingredients to provide time release capabilities. This ensures a gentle action and great results. A short course (6-12) will achieve a similar end result to having a medical grade peel without all the drama of red angry peeling skin. Zero down-time!
                                                                       115 (Treatment Facial)        plus prepay for 6 get one free
Your Solution to Aging Skin and Premature Wrinkles
A skin rejuvenation treatment that uses the body's own healing response to regenerate collagen and elastin. Ultra fine needles are passed over the skin with a high speed reticular device creating thousands of minute skin channels for our serums to act deep - near the basal cells. Designed for targeting fine lines and wrinkles, improving skin texture, plumping and firming. Can break down existing scar tissue and encourage further healing ao acne scars.
Treatment includes LED to calm. This treatment is called High Speed Meso Therapy
(Also for stretch marks and surgical scars upon consultation)                                                                                                                                    targeted part face 150.        full face 350.

We can also assist with setting you up at home with a similar treatment plan
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