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Brows are the key to looking young and fresh. Update your look instantly

Eye Essentials

The quickest way to looking instantly fresher and younger is to have a flattering shape to your eyebrows. It's an instant make-over when you have the perfect arch and great definition.

Don't over pluck your brows! Get them professionally designed.
Kim is obsessed about creating the most flattering eyebrow design possible for her clients.

You will be pleasantly surprised at the great results at sensible prices.

Do you suffer with redness or break-outs after your normal waxing?
Then try a calming alginate masque treatment after your eyebrow design or a plumping and re-hydrating algae  under eye patch if puffiness or lines are more of an issue for you.

eyebrow design
eyelash tint
eyebrow tint 
lash & brow tint
lash & brow works
calming alginate masque
henna (includes wax tidy)
The Vivente Therapists are leading authorities on brow design and can help you with grow back programs and brow extensions. It is our passion to get the perfect brow for you. (See the 'Have you lost your eyebrows" page)

Serious skin issues to discuss or seeking some time out with a relaxing facial?  
It's your choice, at Vivente. We always start with a consultation to determine the best possible products for your skin condition - even for a relaxing facial. We use Chinese Face Reading Techniques in our basic analysis. You'll be surprised how accurate this is.
woods lampSerious skin issues need more in-depth planning. Our high tech camera takes three different photos of your skin like you’ve never seen before.  It places a measurement on tone, elasticity, pigmentation and oil flow.  It allows you to see pigmentation that may not be visible with the naked eye. Your results are stored so you can see comparisons and a report is printed for you to take home. 
Want an even more indepth analysis and prescription?
Then "My Skin Profile" is for you. We set out your detailed skin regime and include extra tips for your special skin condition. A skin plan will be outlined, discussing best ingredients, types of products and optimum equipment modalities. We will even investigate the ingredients of products you are already using. Presented in a folder so you can add relevant information and progressive reports. This means you can measure results over time to ensure your skin programme is the best one just for you.
Skin Consultation
 free with first visit
ASAP (automative skin analysis prescription)
 free with
 treatment facial or 
 advanced facial
My Skin Profile

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