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Eyebrow Reconstruction

You may have noticed that my passion lies with being able to design the perfect eyebrow! Nothing makes you look younger and fresher more quickly than a full. perfectly raised and natural flowing brow arch. Even the addition of a little colour (in the right places) or a few hairs taken away to create a more defined line can actually make your brow look more natural!

I have never been a fan of the look of tattooed eyebrows but UNTIL NOW, that has been the best option for many ladies whose hair simply refuses to grow in the right places any more. Brow stencils and long lasting coloured powder has given many the instant camouflage they need and has been easy to apply but, of course, it needs to be applied daily.  We have Christian Brow Powders and Stencils at Vivente which have been very popular (and addictive)

The solid block colour of machine tattooing looks unnatural and does not fade well with time, often turning into a strange blue/grey unflattering colour. I have been searching for a more long lasting solution and have found it!

I have attended classes with Irina Levchuk (Russia) to learn her method of brow microblading.
Finally! I can recreate the perfect brow, even imitating individual hairs! Blow up our 'after' pic and discover for yourself how difficult it is to determine the fake hair from the real hair! (hint: the fake ones are in the arch)

()  Because it is a manually technique there is no scary drilling noise - you won't feel like you're about to have a filling at the dentist!
()  There is full control (no-of-control mechanical slips)
()  It is a 'soft touch' manual technique so not as deep as a tattoo. You won't have sad blue-grey brows for five years.
()  We can often 'colour-in' scars to camouflage them.
()  Your costs include a second follow up visit in one month to touch-up or re-enhance your brow design.
()  We prefer to go 'lighter' in the first visit rather than have it look too heavy, initially.
()  It is normal for the first week to look up to twice as dark as it will actually be.
()  Your brows may feel tender and sting a little but after care products will reduce that sensation
()  There is no down time : you can go to work the day after : you may even be less red than with waxing!
()  You are given after care product and instructions to ensure maximum results
()  Your fabulous new brows will fade naturally and need to be redone every 10 - 12 months
This technique still isn't for everyone. if you are a diabetic, have slow healing or prone to keloid scarring or     if you take blood thinning medications you will not be a candidate for brow reconstruction.

We welcome you to make an appointment to 'Get Acquainted '
Absolutely no obligation, we just need time set aside to ensure you feel confident that your questions are answered  fully or drop us an email and we will answer your questions there. You are never rushed at Vivente.

$350 includes second retouch visit (scheduled a month after treatment)

Before & after brow reconstructionBefore & after brow reconstruction

Natural looking brow reconstructionIMG 1076

Soft natural effect for brow reconstruction
IMG 1077This last duo is indeed two different clients! The top photo we didn't take a before because the brows were non existent! The below photo is repair of an 'old' permanent block tattoo, we are reshaping. 

Thank you to our lovely clients for graciously allowing these before and after photos.

Are you still nervous about the 'permanency' of this technique? At Vivente, we can also offer you Brow Extensions!
Fill in those gaps, see what your brows look like fuller and sleeker. With 

correct after care, they can last up to two weeks before needing in-fills. 
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